Center for Health and Medicine
Current Programs:
a. “The Mind and Brain” Speaker feature Dr. Joe Dispenza
b. Indigenous Medical Exchange

About the Medical/Health Campus Building

One of the most important buildings on campus, the Medical/Health building will provide a permanent location for facilitating an ongoing exchange of knowledge to help enable future collaboration in the medical/health fields between world cultures.

The top floor will be divided up into four distinct areas, housing individual greenhouses and garden terraces for Western, Eastern, Holistic, and Indigenous Medical/Health traditions. The center of the pyramid structure will house a large Greenhouse for collaboration between the four traditions. The floor beneath this one will house private labs and offices and open to a shared communal terrace. The bottom floor will have a small clinic serving the poor in the local community and will also house meeting rooms for those currently working.

The architecture of this building will be inspired by Meso-american architecture as a gesture of respect to the many Native American tribes who built Xochicalco, one of the main inspirations for the formation of The Memnosyne Foundation.

Future Campus Building Collaborators:
a. Indigenous Institute of the Americas
b. Individual Doctors from the Dallas medical community
              c. Maasai Tribe of Tanzania
              d. Omoto Foundation (The Shinto Spiritual Center of Oomoto Japan)
e. Michigan State University's Medical Department
f. Angel Notion

Would you like to be involved in the envisioning process of this campus building?
If so please contact us at :

Virtual Campus Building
a. Education print materials
b. Information from programs made available via online/interactive