Phillip Shinoda, The Associate Director of The Memnosyne Campus, explains the need for

The Memnosyne Campus of Humanity:

"The mission of The Memnosyne Foundation is to provide mankind with the means to encourage positive, peaceful global collaboration in all areas of knowledge.

The founders of the Foundation saw that:

1.) There are social, cultural, and spiritual dislocations caused by globalization.

2.) In addressing these problems, many times solutions cannot be seen because 
    Knowledge is confined to very narrow disciplines.

3.) The best way to address the problems caused by globalization is through                          collaboration.

4.) Through the collaboration, people will become more aware not only of 
    different areas of knowledge but also the way that they connect with other

5.) By means of this process, people become aware of the way that they affect their             social, cultural, enviromental, technological, scientific, artistic, and spiritual                       environments, both in their own communities and worldwide, thus
     becoming conscious cultural creators.

6.) The campus exhibits the central theme of the foundation that diverse thinkers and 
     actors with common concerns can come together to address these concerns,  
     creating new paradigms as well as human understanding. "
- Phillip Shinoda
Associate Director of The Memnosyne Campus for Humanity

The Memnosyne Campus of Humanity - visual designed by architect Grahm Greene
The inspiration for the Memnosyne Campus for Humanity:

“When I was thirteen years old, I experienced a prophetic dream in which I was creating places throughout the world where people from different cultures met to exchange their unique knowledge of the arts, sciences, and spiritual practices.

When I asked my father, (John Philp Thompson - CEO of 7-Eleven) if such a thing could be possible, he said, “I've made my fortune building stores around the world that helped fill my family's pocket. Now don't you think you can build something around the world that helps fill people's needs?”

During a visit to the ancient Mesoamerican pyramids of Xochicalco, I learned that leaders from many onetime warring tribes built a place together to share their culture and spirituality, and to advance science. I was sure then that it could be done again.”

Mary Ann Thompson-Frenk
(Co-Founder/President of Memnosyne Foundation) in interview for Philanthropy World Magazine
“As the Memnosyne Foundation is focused on the mission to create
and harbor a future of prosperity, self-determination through education,
to enhance the understanding of self worth and to incorporate the intelligence
of multiple races for the benefit by all, from a central repository in Dallas, Texas.

And as The Memnosyne Foundation posses integrity and is committed to its mission of paving the pathways forward to a better tomorrow for all the nations of the world, The Hopi Nation supports this monumential endeavor by Memnosyne

We, The Hopi Nation, respectfully request of those in position to render a decision on the
honorable request by Memnosyne Foundation for a parcel of land to support this vision, as Dallas, Texas will be proud to house a center that recieves all humanity as their brothers and sisters.”

- The Hopi Nation