What is a "Memnosyne"?
Answers:     A Greek goddess
An inclusive philosophy
A challenge to consciously evolve humanity
A global non-profit foundation
A place benefitting you, your descendents, and the world!

How do you pronounce "Memnosyne"?

(Mem - No - Seen)

Why this Spelling?

While the name is also spelled "Mnemosyne" we found that  more people responded favorably to the phonetic sound of " Memnosyne".

Also, as this spelling is rarer, it allowed us to utilize the linguistic version as an "empty vessel word" that we were able to expand the meaning of in our attempt to introduce a new concept of global collaboration and knowledge to humanity.

Origin of the word:

The Greek Goddess of memory and knowledge; the mother of the nine muses; and the greek word for the river that was counterpart to the Lethe river in Hades. Those who wanted to learn from the memories of humanity's past would drink from the Memnosyne river before reincarnating, bu those who drank from the Lether river were doomed to repeat their mistakes in the next life.

As the purpose of our foundation is to help encourage the people of the world to consciously encourage an evolution for themselves and for future generations via an exchange of knowledge, it is fitting that we use Memnosyne's name, as it refers to mankind making the deliberate decision to drink from the river of humanity's memory....a sharing of knowledge for the benefit of mankind.

The Memnosyne Philosophy:

While the current focus on globalization is on how its growing reality will affect the world economically, few are discussing how else it will continue to effect the global culture of humanity: It will continue to affect the arts, the sciences, the spirituality, and the very ecology of our planet.

Today we are at a point between countries, relgions and clutures where we will either bump into each other, walk over each other, or instead we can choose to collaborate with each other consciously and evolve humanity.

If we allow ourselves to grow randomly, we will invite more misunderstanding, more war, and less inovation. But if we can choose to collaborate responsibly, and thereby become the conscious cultural creators of humanity's future, that future is limitless!


It is the purpose of the Memnosyne Foundation to aid the people of the world towards not only becoming conscious of how they are empowered to evolve mankind but also to provide a means for them to act upon the discovery of their common humanity via a respectful, peaceful, interactive collaboration in all areas of knowledge.

Through both our global programs and our campuses we are attempting to create a formula that will help the diverse people fo the world to consciously encourage an evolution for themselves and for future generations.
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