Center For Interfaith Inquiry
The Center for Interfaith Inquiry is a house of peace at the heart of a network of faiths, a neutral meeting place for scholars and practitioners to meet together.  It will be home to an inclusive library of writings and sacred texts from all faiths who share life-preserving and life-enhancing values. It is designed to welcome all spiritual paths that share generally accepted values and practices that promote love of all being as the ultimate goal. It will encourage community exploration of these diverse paths via its ongoing programs and via designated areas within the center that will give the visitor an interactive experience with the different traditions.

The Center is a place that serves the community by offering office space and meeting space for non-profits that are working towards fostering positive relationships between the diverse religious communities in Dallas and the world. It not only serves as a base of operation for ongoing interfaith organizations, but it also provides them with the support to foster collaboration between their efforts with others. The center is also a place of outreach that empowers the interfaith community to address and interact with the other areas of knowledge on the Memnosyne Campus for Humanity, such as the environmental community, the art community or via outreach efforts such as those working towards human rights.

At a time in human history where extremism seeks to reign and divide us, it is paramount for the intellectual and spiritual world to meet together to devote time and energy to learning about shared religious values that promote peaceful coexistence. The Center exists to foster the shared human values that unite us, not divide us.

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Memnosyne Foundation
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Memnosyne Foundation
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Director of Community Outreach